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Eau de toilette with an extra: active ingredients to pamper the skin.

Three refreshing, caring fragrances based on natural, vegetable ingredients to moisturize and nourish your skin. And to help you feel great. 

Eau+ Sea&Oxygen : a fresh scent, like a sea breeze on a spring morning. Contains extracts of seaweed, plankton and Indian Lotus. Feeds the skin with oligo-elements and helps it against irritation by the sun.

Eau+ Fruits&Vitamins : a very healthy fragrance of fresh citrus to put you in a friendly mood. Contains extracts of sweet orange, guarana and orchids to stimulate your skin to stay firm.

Eau+ Trees&Anti stress : a very classy fragrance of cedar and green plants to help you relax. Contains extracts of bamboo, olive and birch, to help the skin to stay young.

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